EBC Brake Pads FA18


This EBC Kevlar® series is asbestos free. EBC uses the famous DuPont Kevlar® fiber in conjunction with other high tech fibers in these brake pads to make a pad with all-around value for your money. There are replacements for all levels of motorcycle, and they are extremely popular with riders who prefer the "feel" of organic pads. Most of these brake pads have expansion grooves which reduce noise and prevent cracking, and the aramid fiber compound with non-ferrous particles helps to prevent surface "scorching" under load. NAO pads have been fully TUV-tested and KBA-certified, and they conform to European ECE R90 brake regulations.


Pads will fit these models:

1976-84 850 II/III Le Mans (Front and Rear)
1975-88 850 T/T3/T4/T5 (Front and Rear)
1976-81 G5 (Front and Rear)
1976-81Convert (Front and Rear)
1983-93 California 1000 II/III (Front and Rear)
1979-94 1000 SP II/III (Front and Rear except 79 - 83 SP rear)
1987-91 1000 GT (Front and Rear)
1989-94 1000 S  (Front and Rear)
1984-93 1000 Le Mans (Front and Rear)
1993-94 Strada 1000 (Front and Rear)
1994-97 California 1100 (Front and Rear)