Parts for Frame Fuel Supply
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
131112660Carburettor RH PHBH 30 BD 
 31112662Carburettor RH PHBH 30 BD 
 31112664Carburettor RH PHBH 30 BD 
231112663Carburettor LH PHBH 30 BS 
 31112665Carburettor LH PHBH 30 BS 
 31112661Carburettor LH PHBH 30 BS 
327115060RH intake manifold 
 20115020RH intake manifold 
427115061LH intake manifold 
 20115021LH intake manifold 
795100116Washer 6,25x10x1,5 
898622325Hex socket screw 
961013800Special washer 
1031114060Sleeve with hole D.15,5 mm 
1193305032Hose clamp 32X52X8 
1219114680Gasket ring 
1319114460Air intake hose 
1419718000Hose clamp 
1593305031Hose clamp 
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