Parts for Special Tools Specific Tools I
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
101929100Wrench remov.cover sump/filter 
214929600Gearbox housing support 
319929600Index plate tim.sett./ign.cont 
417947560Arrow tim.set.ignition control 
512913600Flange removal flywheel side 
612911801Lock flywh.starter motor gear 
710907200Valve removaland fitting 
830912810Locking clutchinternal body 
930906510Tool for clutch assembly 
1012905900Clutch shaft disass. 
1114927100Seal ring onto flange fly.side 
1212912000Flange flywheel side 
1314927200Seal ring onto tim.syst.cover 
1412907100Transmis.shaft locking tool 
1514928700pre-selector tool 
1614905400Transmission shaft locking 
1814913100Roller bearing extractor 
1914928500Int. race extractor 
2017949260Clutch shaft bearing extractor 
2117945060Bearing ext. race extractor 
2214907000Ball bearing extractor 
2312906900Rollerball bear.trans.housing 
2417948360Bearing int. race extractor 
2517948460Internal race punch 
2617948860Bearing ext. race punch 
2717945460Internal ring punch 
2814928600Internal ring punch 
2914928900Punch ransmis.shaft bearing 
3014929100Punch seal front fork sleeve 
3114928800Roller bearing punch 
3214929000Ball bearing punch 
3314929400Oil seal punch 
3414929500Oil seal punch 
3517945160External race punch 
3614929300Control fork positioner 
3701929300Wheel pin locking tool 
3800979717Central stand 
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