Parts for Engine Drive Shaft Cylinder
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1981008Cylinder with piston assy., RH 
2873667Piston D95 cpl 
3981009Pistonring set 
4874287Piston ring 
5874288Piston ring 
6874289Piston ring 
7874286Piston pin 
8874567Stop ring 
9976312Cylinder base gasket 
10976304Stud bolt 
11825597Pin 11,8X10 
12976311Cylinder head gasket 1,05 mm 
 874621Cylinder head gasket 0,65 mm 
 874622Cylinder head gasket 0,85 mm 
13981007Cylinder with piston assy., LH 
14B0133785001Shaft assy 
 B0133785002Shaft assy 
 B0133785003Shaft assy 
15874293Thrust washer 
1695100116Washer 6,25x10x1,5 
178783390002Connecting rod cpl. 
 8783390001Connecting rod cpl. 
 8783390003Connecting rod cpl. 
18849131Connecting rod screw 
19875243Bearing half-shell 1,535-1,540 
 875244Bearing half-shell 1,539-1,544 
20873689RH chain tensioner 
21873690LH chain tensioner 
22976342Chain tension.plug 
2498350310Hex socket screw M6x20 
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