Parts for Frame Saddle Central Bod
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1977831Two-seat saddle 
 886986Two-seat saddle 
205570232RH side panel, black 
 05570230BMRH side panel, white 
 05570230RH body panel blank 
 0557023000XE4RH side panel, silver 
4AP8152339Screw w/ flange M5x9 
5883496LH body panel blank 
 88349600Y02LH side panel, black 
 88349600XE4LH side panel, silver 
 88349600BMLH side panel, white 
605466830Saddle lock 
7AP8102914Saddle release cable 
8AP8102913Pass.saddle connecting plate 
998370625Hex socket screw 
10AP8152299Self-locking nut M6 
11AP8102523Lock nut 
12AP8102502Helmet lock cable 
1305573830RH side fairing decal 
1405573831LH side fairing decal 
1532461810Rubber spacer 
1632461610Rubber spacer 
17977754Cover pillion rider seat blank 
 97775400XE4Saddle cover silver 
 88698100Y02Saddle cover, black 
 97775400Y02ASaddle cover, black 
1898370616Hex socket screw M6x16 inox 
19AP8221023T bush 
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