Parts for Special Tools Specific Tools I
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
105948630Belt tensioning tool 
205911730Front cover installation cone 
305912530Gearbox opening tool 
405901930Spark plug spanner 
505928030Piston ring clamp 
605927230Timing cover seal drift 
701929100Wrench remov.cover sump/filter 
812912000Flange flywheel side 
914927100Seal ring onto flange fly.side 
1012911801Lock flywh.starter motor gear 
1110907200Valve removaland fitting 
1214927300Clamping the camshaftgearing 
1305902530Gearbox housing support 
1419929600Index plate tim.sett./ign.cont 
1517947560Arrow tim.set.ignition control 
1619927100Seal ring flange flywheel side 
1712913600Flange removal flywheel side 
1830912810Locking clutchinternal body 
1930906510Tool for clutch assembly 
2001966330Flexible couplings assembly 
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