Parts for Frame Stands
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1977079Lateral stand 
2977080Stand plate 
3639542Button for the side stand 
498612216Hex socket screw 
595020105Washer 5,3x8,9x2,4 
6AP8121994Central stand fixing screw 
7AP8150292Curved spring washer * 
8AP8152001Low nut M10x1,25 
9AP8102524Stand spring protection 
10AP8221204Lateral stand spring 
11AP8221211Internal lateral stand spring 
1298231235Hex socket screw M12x35 
1395008313Washer 13x24x2,5 
1400823923140Thermal sheath 
1514609650Hose clamp 3,6x20,6 
1630217900Washer 13x18x1,7 
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