Parts for Frame Foot Rests
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
2AP8152409Stop ring 
3AP8152277Screw w/ flange M6x12 
432443210Support rubber part 
5AP8221277Footrest return spring 
6AP8145034RH Foot rests 
7977300RH plate 
 977300RH plate 
 32544510RH plate 
8AP8145035LH Foot rests 
9AP8134451Footrest plate 
1032443211Support rubber part 
1132442310Rear footrest, RH 
12AP8121133Coil compress. spring 
13AP8101861Ball D6,35 
1432442710Rear footrest, LH 
15977301LH plate 
 977301LH plate 
 32544511LH plate 
16AP8121134Footrest pin 
1898682425Hex socket screw M8x25 
1914615901Washer 8,4X13X0,8 
2098680440Hex socket screw M8x40 
2101576530Nut with clip M8x1,25 
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