Parts for Frame Fuel Tank
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
132100212Fuel tank, black 
 89000573Y05Fuel tank, black /grigio 
 32100211Fuel tank red 
 977461Fuel tank, cyan 
 32100281Fuel tank white 
 32100214Y05Fuel tank, black /grigio 
 977310Fuel tank, black 
 32100219Fuel tank red 
 977542Fuel tank white 
 89000573Fuel tank blank 
 32100215Fuel tank red 
 32100216Fuel tank, black 
 32100210Fuel tank blank 
 977541Fuel tank white 
 977445Fuel tank red 
 977309Fuel tank red 
 32100213Fuel tank porphiry grey 
 32100217Fuel tank, grey 
 977446Fuel tank, black 
 32100214Fuel tank blank 
 32100218Fuel tank red 
 977462Fuel tank, cyan 
2AP8121773Spacer * 
398682414Hex socket screw 
4AP8152290Screw w/ flange M8x40 
598692216Hex socket screw 
698690230Hex socket screw 
761108500Hose clamp D9 
8AP8120893Cap seal 
9AP8102535Float chamber 
10AP8144351Fuel tank gasket 
 AP8120894Fuel tank gasket 
1102107100Rubber spacer 
12AP8120965O-ring 2018 
1400823944050pipe 5X9 
1566103415Rubber spacer 
1695005312Washer 8,5x24x2 
1732103911Tank cap 
 32103910Tank cap 
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