Parts for Frame Lateral Stand
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1977094Side arm black 
 32432110Side arm black 
 32432111Side arm black 
 977088Side arm black 
2AP8121375Central stand fixing screw 
3AP8121014Coil pull spring * 
4AP8102524Stand spring protection 
5AP8221197Lateral stand spring 
795100141Washer 6,4x12x1,2 
8AP8124977Rotary switch 
9AP8152278Screw w/ flange M6x16 
1000823923140Thermal sheath 
11639542Button for the side stand 
1298612216Hex socket screw 
1395020105Washer 5,3x8,9x2,4 
14977293Adapter cable 
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