Parts for Special Tools Specific Tools Ii
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
119905460Clutch shaft nut holding wrench 
219905900Punch for clutch shaft bearing 
319906500Clutch disk assembly tool 
419907160Clutch shaft holding tool 
519911800Flywheel holder tool 
619926020Mounting cap on valve guide 
719927220fitting oil seal/timing cover 
819927320Assembling oil seal timing cov. 
919927800Bush for valve disassemb.tool 
1019929400Punch for clutch shaft bearing 
1110907200Valve removaland fitting 
1212912000Flange flywheel side 
1319927100Seal ring flange flywheel side 
1419929600Index plate tim.sett./ign.cont 
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