Parts for Frame Fuel Tank
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
105100237Fuel tank, black 
 05100232Fuel tank, black 
 977557Fuel tank orange 
 05100230BMFuel tank, white 
 05100233Fuel tank, grey 
 05100231Fuel tank red 
 05100238Fuel tank, grey 
 05100230Fuel tank blank 
 05100236Fuel tank red 
 05100235Fuel tank blank 
 977558Fuel tank orange 
 05100235BMFuel tank, white 
2AP8201124Rubber spacer * 
398682414Hex socket screw 
495008208Washer 8,4X15X1,5 
502107100Rubber spacer 
6AP8121804Spacer * 
7AP8152291Screw w/ flange 
805103930Tank cap 
998692216Hex socket screw 
11AP8120965O-ring 2018 
12AP8101595Hose clamp D10,1* 
13AP81046663-way union 
14AP8120952Fuel pipe 5,5x10 
1605102930Fuel tank central insulation 
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