Parts for Frame Handlebar Controls
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
105600730Left half handlebar 
298692425Hex socket screw M8x25 
305600930LH handlebar tube 
498692430Hex socket screw M8x30 
505738030LH lights selector 
6AP8706527L.H. heated grip 
7AP8104572Anti.v weight, black 
898680360Hex socket screw M6x60 
905600630Right half handlebar 
1005600230RH handlebar tube 
11B045021RH lights selector 
1205603331Throttle cpl. 
1301603480RH hand grip 
14AP8118502Front gas lever U-bolt 
15AP8118492Cap screw 
16AP8118503Rear gas lever U-bolt 
17978314Gas trasmission delivery 
 05117530Gas trasmission delivery 
18978315Gas trasmission return 
 05117830Gas trasmission return 
19AP8104566Rearview mirror 
2098692425Hex socket screw M8x25 
2103609600Hose clamp L36 mm 
 01609630Hose clamp L46 mm 
2232769460RH rearview mirror 
 883802RH/LH rearview mirror 
2332769860LH rearview mirror 
 883802RH/LH rearview mirror 
24977679Nylon washer 
25977780RH lights selector 
 AP8127648RH lights selector 
26977522LH lights selector 
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