Parts for Engine Driven Shaft
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
105213631Driven shaft 
292201822Ball bearing 20x52x15 
305214231Gear 1a Z=38 
492252029Roller cage 26x30x15,6 
505214630Clearance washer 
690271230Snap ring 30x1,2SW 
705214031Gear 5a Z=30 
890271030Snap ring 30x27,9 
905214731Gear 3a Z=31 
1005215031Gear 4a Z=29 
1105220531Gear 6a Z=25 
1205214431Gear 2a Z=34 
1392201226Ball bearing 25x52x15 
1490412541Gasket ring 25X40X7 
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