Parts for Frame Stands
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
105430330Central stand 
3AP8178918Stand spring protection 
4AP8221317Lateral stand spring 
5AP8221318Internal lateral stand spring 
605432930RH plate 
705433430LH plate 
898682530Hex socket screw M10x30 
10977079Lateral stand 
 05432130Lateral stand 
1105433630Stand plate 
12AP8127319Rotary switch 
13AP8152279Screw w/ flange M6x20 
14AP8150015Washer 6,6x18x1,6* 
15AP8121994Central stand fixing screw 
16AP8152001Low nut M10x1,25 
17AP8102524Stand spring protection 
18AP8221204Lateral stand spring 
19AP8221211Internal lateral stand spring 
2098231235Hex socket screw M12x35 
21AP8144030Stand end stop 
22AP8150292Curved spring washer * 
2300823923140Thermal sheath 
2414609650Hose clamp 3,6x20,6 
2595008313Washer 13x24x2,5 
26977571Adapter cable 
 977292Adapter cable 
2730217900Washer 13x18x1,7 
28977093Lateral stand 
 05432131Lateral stand 
2905433631Stand plate 
30977408Stand plate 
31977080Stand plate 
32639542Button for the side stand 
3398612216Hex socket screw 
3495020105Washer 5,3x8,9x2,4 
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