Parts for Engine Starter Motor
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
130730711Starter motor Valeo 
298082475Hex screw M8x75 
330530510Pinion assy 
430530511Brush revision set 
5n/aNot for individual sale 
6n/aNot for individual sale 
7n/aNot for individual sale 
8n/aNot for individual sale 
930530512Starter motor revision kit 
1095008208Washer 8,4X15X1,5 
1105733330Cover chrime grey 
12AP8117200Adhesive sponge 
1398350312Hex socket screw M6x12 
1503469201Stud bolt 
1603013800Washer 6,4x12 
1705730730Starter motor Bosch 
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