Parts for Frame Saddle Central Bod
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
105460530Saddle, black/grey 
 978249Saddle, black 
 05460531Saddle, red 
 05460530Saddle, black/grey 
205570230F2RH side panel, grey 
 05570230RH body panel blank 
 05570231RH side panel, red 
 05570232RH side panel, black 
4AP8152339Screw w/ flange M5x9 
505570431LH side panel, red 
 05570430LH body panel blank 
 05570432LH side panel, black 
605466830Saddle lock 
7AP8102914Saddle release cable 
8AP8102913Pass.saddle connecting plate 
998370625Hex socket screw 
10AP8152299Self-locking nut M6 
11AP8102523Lock nut 
12AP8102502Helmet lock cable 
1305573830RH side fairing decal 
1405573831LH side fairing decal 
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