Parts for Clutch And Controls
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1013084100Spring, clutch 
1112082900Pressure plate, clutch 
1212084400Clutch plate, complete 
1312082300Intermediate plate, clutch 
1412082800Washer, clutch plate 
1514085700Rod, clutch pressure plate 
1612085901Tube, rubber 
1714036000Inner body 
1812087001Cage, complete 
1914086100Outer body 
2114090201Lever, clutch operating on gearbox 
2214090400Screw, adjusting 
2392602508Nut, lever adjusting screw 
2494321105Spring, clutch lever return 
2595780271Pin. clutch lever to gearbox 
2695500222Split pin, lever pin securing 
2713093061Cable. Clutch 
2812006500Clamp, cable 
2995100137Washer. cable clamp 
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