Parts for Cylinder Head And Valves
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012023502Cover, rocker box 
1112023700Gasket, rocker box 
1298620330Screw, rocker box cover 
1313022160Cylinder head, r/h 
1313022260Cylinder head, l/h 
1413036800Guide, inlet valve 
1513036900Guide, exhaust valve 
1690353016Circlip, valve guide 
1712038100Semicones, valves 
1813038000Top collar, valves 
1913037400Spring, outer, valves 
2013037600Spring, inner, valves 
2113037000Bottom collar 
2213037200Washer, bottom collar 
2313036000Inlet valve 
2413036100Exhaust valve 
2512034800Support, rocker arm 
2612030200Rocker arm, r/h, c/w bushings 
2712030400Hacker arm. l/h. c/w bushings 
2891111511Bushing, rocker arm 
2912034001Screw, tappet adjusting 
3092602508Nut, tappet screw 
3112031800Spindle, rocker arm 
3290118152Washer, rocker arm 
3394322215Spring, rocker arm 
3498024312Bolt, rocker spindle 
3595120065Washer, rocker spindle bolt 
3613022001Gasket, cylinder head 
3813028000Gasket, cylinder base 
3912021700Bolt, long, cylinder head 
4090706090Seal, cylinder head bolts 
4114018400Washer, cylinder head bolts 
4292751103Nut, cylinder head bolts 
4312021800Bolt, short, cylinder head 
4495129180Washer, hold down stud nut 
4513021900Nut, short bolt. pushrod side 
4695100709Washer, plug 
4795980120Plug, cylinder head 
4898620435Screw, intake pipe to cylinder head 
4990716082Washer, insulating, intake screw 
5095100223Washer, air intake tube 
5112115002Air intake tube. r/h 
5112115003Air intake tube. I/h 
5212115503Gasket, air intake, insulating 
5314115400Plate, inlet pipe 
5491551081Rubber, washer 
5213060160Cylinder and piston assembly 
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