Parts for Distributor
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
A12715400Distributor S 123 A, complete 
1012715410Housing with bushings . . 
1112715411Bakelite washer 
1212715412Flat washer . 
1312715413Automatic advance assy 
1412715414Spacer . . 
1512715415Shim (0.1 mm.) 
1512715416Shim (0.2 mm.) 
1512715417Shim (0.5 mm.) 
1612716200Driving pinion . 
1795510318Pinion securing 
1812715420Contact breaker unit, complete 
1912715421Condensor CE 29 D 
2012730760Spring washer . 
2112715423Condensor fixing screw 
2212715424Cap securing spring 
2312715425Cap spring fixing screw 
2412715426Terminal bolt . 
2512715427Insulating plate 
2612715428Insulating block 
2712715429Flat washer . 
2812730723Spring washer . 
2912715430Terminal nut . 
3012715431Distributor rotor 
3112715432Distributor cap 
3212715433Carbon brush . 
3512715436Governor weight 
3612715437Ball retaining spring 
3912715440Cam retaining screw . 
4012715441Cam felt pad 
4112715442Weight spring, 8 coils 
4112715443Weight spring, 9 coils 
4212715444Plate complete with pin 
4312715445Contact breaker set 
4412715446Fixed point plate screw 
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