Parts for Fairing Windshield
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012575321Fairing c/w windscreen and attachments 
1112575421Fairing only 
1212577250Windscreen only 
1312577940Gasket, fairing to windscreen 
1412578240Brace, stiffening 
1512578450Clamp, fairing gasket 
1698260525Screw, windscreen to fairing securing 
1795000205Washer, windscreen to fairing screw 
1892602205Nut, windscreen to fairing screw 
1912575540Clamp, fairing 
2098260625Screw, fairing to clamp 
2193110060Spacer, fairing to clamp 
2212577840Washer, outer, fairing to clamp screw 
2345212400Washer, rubber, fairing to camp screw 
2495021106Washer, flat, fairing to clamp screw 
2592602406Nut, fairing to clamp screw, and bracket screw 
2612578621Bracket, fairing 
2798054316Screw, fairing to bracket 
2892602206Nut, fairing to bracket screw 
2912578921Gasket, fairing to headlight 
3098054316Bolt, headlight to bracket 
3191180707Distance piece 
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