Parts for Front Fork Fender Brake Control
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
 13490241Front fork, complete 
113525441Tube, front fork 
213504541Cap, front fork 
313504441Sleeve, front fork 
498620435Screw, damper securing 
590271014Seeger Ring, rod end securing 
614527900Rod end 
714527800Tube, damper rod 
814526505Rubber ring, damper springs 
992630106Lock nut, damper securing 
1014526600Spring, front fork 
1114526407Damper, front fork 
1213496141Headlight bracket R/H 
1313496241Headlight bracket L/H 
1498620540Screw, fork cover to wheel spindle 
1592602210Nut, wheel spindle screws 
1698620312Oil drain plug 
1795100116Gasket, oil drain screws 
1898622535Screw, rod tube securing 
1910528900Gasket, rod tube screws 
2014527600Bush, fork rod 
2190403547Ring, fork covers 
2214522502Cover, fork R/H 
2314522602Cover, fork L/H 
2414605505Clutch control lever, complete 
2514605705Clutch control lever, bare 
2614601805Bracket, clutch lever 
2713118040Carburetor control lever 
2998620330Screw, right clamp 
3098622320Screw, left clamp 
3117603400Twist grip, throttle control 
3214603500Right rubber grip 
3314603000Left rubber grip 
3413093050Clutch control cable 
3513609660Bank, cable securing 
3614605605Front brake control lever 
3714605001Washer, front brake lever 
3814660200Master cylinder, to handlebar 
3914664000Cap, clamp 
4098622318Screw, clamp to master cylinder 
4114663800Cap, master cylinder 
4213657140Flexible pipe, master cylinder to twin control 
4313656840Twin control 
4425657001Hydrostop light switch 
4525656100Gasket, pipe screws and switch 
4695990033Screws, pipe securing 
4795510311Reference dowel 
4813657540Flexible pipe, twin control to caliper 
4998052545Upper screw, caliper securing 
5095004210Vasher, caliper screws 
5195100332Shim, caliper adjusting mm. 0.5 
5195100333Shim, caliper pushing mm. 0.8 
5295129180Spring wsher, upper screw 
5390602210Nut, upper screw 
5498055430Screw, caliper securing 
5613434341Front fender 
5713435741Stay, top, front fender 
5813435941Stay, bottom, front fender 
5992850752Decal. front fender 
6098054320Screw, center attachment plate 
6195000206Washer, center plate ?xing screws 
6295021106Spring washer, toothed, stay and eyelet 
6392602206Nut stay and eyelet ?xmg screw 
6455436525Eyelet, cable gtude 
6591551131Rubber ring, eyelet 
6698054312Screw, eyelet to fender 
6714661100Cap, master cylinder 
7014654400Pin, pad retainer 
7114654601Brake pads 
  Overhauling Kits 
7314659000Caliper gaskets 
73a14659100Brake pads 
73b14659200Bleeding system 
73c14659300Master cylinder 
73d14659400Lever Screws 
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