Parts for Front Fork Front Fender Steering
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012490221Front fork, complete 
1192701139Nut, top linking plate securing 
1295100521Washer, top linking plate nut 
1312504500Plug, top fork 
1490706222Gasket, top fork plugs 
1512504600Washer, top fork plugs 
1612493001Top linking plate 
1712492700Rubber seal on headlight bracket 
1812492300Cap, headlight bracket 
1993601025Lock ring, bottom yoke 
2012494500Cap, steering tube 
Z192249225Bearing, taper roller, steering 
2212494180Steering tube, bottom yoke 
2392701252Nut, steering tube to bottom yoke 
2412494201Bottom yoke 
2598053675Bolt, handlebar clamps 
Z695101430Washer, clamp bolts to bottom yoke 
2792602512Nut, clamp bolts to bottom yoke 
2812498000Eyelet with securing plate, front brake cable 
2991551102Ring, rubber, front brake cable guide 
3012496121Headlight bracket. R/H 
3112496221Headlight bracket. L/H 
3212527600Bottom plate headlight bracket 
3312526600Spring, front fork 
3412527700Housing, fork springs 
3612555400Fork tube 
3712525900Lock ring, fork rod and bottom fork link securing 
37/195100901Shim, bottom links securing lock rings 
3812525800Bushing, bottom fork tube 
3912522500Cover, fork, R/H 
4012522800Cover, fork, L/H 
4190706490Gasket, fork cover 
4212527210Washer, adjusting, top bush 
4390353046Circlip, fork cover 
4412527200Shim, fork cover adiusting (2mm) 
4412527201Shim, fork cover adjusting (2.1 mm) 
4412527202Shim, fork cover adjusting (2.2 mm) 
4412527203Shim, fork cover adjusting (2.3 mm) 
4412527204Shim, fork cover adlustlng (2.4 mm) 
4512526700Bush, top fork cover 
4698020535Bolt, handlebar clamp to headlight bracket 
4795100331Washer, handlebar clamp to headlight bracket bolt 
4898305009Screw, oil drain from fork legs 
4990714051Washer, oll drain screw 
5013434320Front fender 
5192850752Decal, front fender 
5212435700Stay, top, front fender 
5312435900Stay, bottom, rear fender 
$498054312Screw, stay and center attachment plate 
5595100121Washer, stay securing screws 
5655434825Plate, center fender securing 
5795100130Washer, plate securing screws to fender 
5898024422Screw, front fender to fork 
5995021108Washer, front fork to fender screws 
6092602208Nut. front fork to fender screws 
6193180105Grommet, fender drilling 
6213436561Eylet, cable guide 
6312781621Reflex reflector on front fender, orange 
6414517000Rubber ring, reflex reflector 
6593110060Rubber cushion 
6695000205Washer. reflex reflector fixing 
6792630105Self locking nut, reflex reflector fixing 
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