Parts for Front Wheel Disc Brake
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
113610241Front wheel, complete 1 
214610301Front wheel, 1 
314611501Spoke with nipple 40 
412611601Balance weight (gr. 15 = 230 grains) 
412616102Balance weight (gr. 20 = 307 grains) 
412616103Balance weight (gr. 30 = 460 grains) 
514610801Rim, front wheel 
614613201Hub, front wheel 
728613345Disc, front brake 
898052499Screw, disc to hub 
914615902Stop plate, nuts and screws 
1092602208Nut, disc screws 
1190272047Ring, Seeger (471) 
1292204220Bearings, hub 
1314615201Spacer, between hub bearings 
1414620301Flange, hub 
1513613641Flange, hub - disc side 
1613615641Spacer, drum - disc side 
1792690171Nut, wheel spindle 
1895110628Washer, wheel spindle nut 
1913614140Spindle, front wheel 
2028613345Disc Brake, Front 
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