Parts for Fuel Tank Exhaust Pipes Mufflers
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1013100221Fuel tank c/w decals 
1155919425Decal R/H Moto Guzzi 
1155919525Decal L/H Moto Guzzi 
11/112919200Decal -Use Shell Oil 
1212103900Filler cap, fuel tank 
1398052499Screw, tank securing 
1495101231Washer, tank securing screw 
1512103500Bushing. rubber block 
1655103425Rubber block 
1792602208Nut, tank securing screw 
1890714123Washer, tap 
1912105401Tap, fuel tank R/H - SETTl 
1912105402Tap, fuel tank Fl/H - ORLANDI 
1913105460Tap, fuel tank L/H - ORLANDI 
1913105461Tap, fuel tank L/H - SETTI 
2012106501Fuel line, complete 
2112108400Band, fuel line 
2212120900Exhaust pipe, R/H 
2312120905Exhaust pipe, L/H 
2490718375Gasket. exhaust pipe 
2512120200Lock-nut, exhaust pipe 
2612123900Tube, exhaust pipe connection 
2713123460Band, exhaust pipe to muffler 
2899105080Screw, exhaust pipe to muffler 
2992602210Nut, muffler screws 
3095021110Washer, muffler screws 
3198054522Screw, muffler securing 
3255127025Band, connecting tube 
3312123020Muffler, R/H 
3412122920Muffler, L/H 
3512122501Bracket. exhaust pipe 
3698054430Screw, exhaust pipe band securing 
3792630108Nut, exhaust pipe band screw 
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