Parts for Gear Box And Cover
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1193180220Rubber seal on gearbox 
1213200860Cover, gearbox 
1392218424Bearing, in gearbox for clutch shaft and on cover for layshaft 
1414213802Semicollar, bearing retainer in box and in cover for clutch shaft 
1598054316Screw, bearing retainer 
1614217900Lock plate, gearbox and cover screws 
1792256218Bearing in gearbox for main shaft and in cover for clutch shaft 
1812200900Bushing in cover 
18/145336802Rubber, hole sealing 
1992234117Roller bearing in gearbox lor layshaft 
2095512081Locating pin in gearbox 
2114201110Gasket, gearbox cover 
2292201417Ball bearing in cover for main shaft 
2390403547Seal in cover for layshaft and in box for clutch shaft 
2498620335Screw, long, cover securing 
2598620325Screw, short. cover to box 
2614237800Eccentric screw, selector adjusting 
2792602512Nut, selector adjusting screw 
2890706140Seal ring on cover 
2912207200Contact holder, complete 
3012207700Gasket, contact holder 
3192608205Nut, contact holder securing 
3295100056Washer, contact holder nut 
3398054316Screw, contact holder securing to box 
3495000206Washer, contact holder screw 
3512003701Oil filler plug 
3690714195Washer, oil tiller plug 
3795980210Plug, level and drain 
3812235300Plug, oil breather 
3990714101Gasket, level, drain and breather plug 
4094321067Spring. selector drum pawl 
4155234700Pawl, selector drum 
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