Parts for Gearbox Gears And Shafts Controls
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012250906Pedal, gearshift 
1155251000Rubber, gearshift pedal 
1298054425Screw. gearshift pedal securing 
1313251165Shaft with gearshift pedal 
13/112442105Guide bush, gearshift pedal shaft 
13/212441905Internal bush in guide bush 
1595500222Split pin, gearshift operating rod 
1695129110Washer, gearshift rod pins 
1795780265Pin, gearshift operating rod 
1892700073Nut, adjusting, gearshift rod 
1995740171Fork, gearshift rod 
2013257960Gearshift operating tie rod 
2113257860Rod, gearshift operating c/w forks and nuts 
2298052325Screw, lever securing to cover 
2395021106Spring washer, lever securing screw 
2514236201Preselector, complete 
26 Body, preselectorNot Available As Spare Part
2714236600Stop pin, preselector 
2810237900Pawl, preselector 
2910238300Spring, pawl 
3095520314Flexible pin, pawl securing 
3114238200Return spring, preselector 
3214234400Drum, splined. gear selection 
32/114234600Dowel, gear selection drum 
3314235500Washer, dowels 
3414234300Rod, selector drum 
3555235000Shim, 0.6 mm. (.023"") 
3555235001Shim, 0.8 mm. (.031"") 
3555235002Shim, 1. mm. (.039"") 
3555235003Shim, 1.2 mm. (.047"") 
3614232400Rod, striker forks 
3714230501Striker fork, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear 
3814231201Striker fork. high gear 
3914210511Main shaft 
4012211000Shim, 2 mm. (078""), main shaft, 4th speed gear side 
4012211001Shim, 2.1 mm. (.82""), main shaft, 4th speed gear side 
4012211002Shim, 2.2 mm. (.86""), main shaft, 4th speed gear side 
4012211004Shim. 2.4 mm. (.94""), main shaft, 4th speed gear side 
4190118247Intermediate washer, main shaft, 4th gear 
4214212010High speed gear on main shaft 
4314213000Bushing, 1st, 2nd, 3rd speed gears on layshaft 
4492251030Cage, roller, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears on layshaft and high gear on main shaft 
4514212210Bushing, high speed gear 
4692296750Stop pin, high speed gear bushing 
4794321051Spring, load, stop pin 
4814231510Sliding sleeve, high speed gear engagement 
5014214510Gear, 2nd speed, on layshaft 
5114214810Gear, 3rd speed, on layshaft 
5214218010Shim, 3rd speed gear 
5314232510Sleeve, fixed 
5414231010Sleeve. sliding, 3rd and 4th speed 
5514215110Gear, 4th speed 
5592259017Inner ring, roller cage, 4th speed gear 
5792251022Roller cage, 4th speed gear 
5814215400Shim, 4th speed gear 
6014217410Nut, on layshaft. 4th speed gear side 
6114215210High speed gear 
6290706203Retainer, high speed gear and clutch shaft 
6414219310Nut, layshaft securing 
6514214210Gear, first speed 
6614230710Sleeve, sliding, 1st and 2nd speed 
6714081810Body, inner, clutch 
6893601022Lockring, inner clutch body 
6995028022Washer, inner clutch body lockring 
7014210701Shaft, clutch 
7114218401Oil thrower 
7290706235Seal, clutch shaft 
7314211110Counter gear 
7412211200Sliding muff 
7513211500Spring, cush 
7613211600Cush spring plate 
7712211700Semi collar, cush spring plate retaining 
7814219401Spacer on clutch shaft 
7992295702Ball, counter gear fixing 
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