Parts for Headlight Battery Horn Tail Light Control Cables
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012740521Headlight, c/w switch 
1112746001Switch, c/w cables 
1225743701Horn, Bosch 
1398620420Screw. horn securing 
1492602208Nut, horn and flasher unit securing screw 
1595021108Washer, horn and flasher unit securing screw 
1624704500Battery (12V-32Ah) 
1712705600Gasket, battery 
1812704601Frame, top battery securing 
1912705500Stud, top frame securing 
2092602206Nut, battery frame and number plate stud 
2195100130Washer, battery and number plate stud 
2213705225Cover battery H/H black c/w decal 
2213705226Cover battery R/H red c/w decal 
2213705227Cover battery R/H whlte c/w decal 
2313705425Cover battery L/H black c/w decal 
2313705426Cover battery L/H red c/w decal 
2313705427Cover battery L/H withe c/w decal 
2413917825Decal, for red and black battery cover 
2413917827Decal, for white battery cover 
2513707300Rubber ring 
2613706600Thumb screw, cover locking 
2855741100Stop cutout 
2913748920Cable, two-pole, stop cutout 
3098305017Screw, stop cutout 
3195100055Washer, stop cutout screws 
3292700050Nut, stop cutout screws 
3312474921Number plate, c/w tail light 
3493450223Bulb, tail light [21/5W--12V) 
3598024310Screw, bottom, number plate 
3612717600Cap, oil pressure solenoid 
3726706700Cap, battery cable 
3812703000Cap, large 
4012747107Main cable assembly, Bosch equipment 
4112747200Cable harness, instrument panel to headlight 
4212747700Cable, grounding 
4312747420Connections, internal. headlight 
4412747501Cable. stop lamp to stop cutout 
4512747900Cable from battery 
4612748600Cable harness, turn light attachment 
4713741640Plate, flasher unit attachment 
A98054412Screw, flasher securing plate