Parts for Ignition And Lighting
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012700205Generator (Bosch G 14 V-25 A-23) 
1112700300Bracket, generator 
1298054420Screw, generator bracket 
1395021108Washer, generator bracket screws, coil and horn screws 
1412700700Band, generator 
1595716280Roller, threaded, generator band 
1695716380Roller, plain, generator band 
1799105127Screw, band securing 
1812700900Pin, band securing 
1995500222Split pin 
2012700610Cover, generator 
2112702505Belt [Pirelli 10x8x754] 
2298054312Screw, generator cover 
2395021106Washer, generator cover and starter button screws 
2412715701Bracket, distributor 
2512715901Gasket, distributor bracket 
2698054425Screw. distributor bracket 
2795101231Washer, regulator bracket, coil and distributor bracket screws 
2812715400Disributor (Marelli S123 A) 
2912716200Gear, distributor 
3095510318Pin, distributor gear securing 
3198106021Screw, distributor 
3295100137Washer, distributor screw 
3326716504Coil, ignition (Bosch 0221.114.006-E12V) 
3498054412Screw, coll securing 
359260 2208Nut, regulator to bracket and coil and horn securing screws 
3612717801H.T. lead, distributor to coil 
3712717600Cap, H.T. coil 
3845717600Cap, distributor-coil-plug and oil pressure solenoid leads 
3912718301H.T. lead, distributor to R/H plug, complete 
4045717450Cap, spark plug 
4112718501H.T. lead, distributor to L/H plug, complete 
4255717000Spark plug (n. 225 in Bosch-Marelli thermic scale or equivalent) 
4312719305L.T. lead, distributor to coil 
4412702900Cap, small 
4512730705Starter motor [Bosch 0,5 HP?-12V) 
45/112731000Cable, grounding, starter motor 
4612703805Regulator [Bosch VA 14 V?25 A) 
46/112747700Cable, from regulator to ground 
4712732800Bracket, regulator and starter solenoid 
4812732705Cable. from regulator (B+] to starter solenoid 
4912704200Washer, regulator bracket 
5012735300Switch, ignition (Marelli - 250 ---O 161 C, complete with keys] 
5112735750Cover, ignition key 
5290706252Washer, ignition switch 
5312735400Lock ring, ignition switch 
5412735500Key, ignition switch (Blank keys supplied with letters E-F-G-H) 
5526735001Starter button 
5690706163Washer, starter button 
5712734900Plate, starter button 
5825707100Cap, button protection 
5992602206Nut, starter button bracket 
6095100130Washer, nut starter button bracket 
6112732500Starter solenoid 
6298054214Screw, starter solenoid securing 
6395000205Washer, ?at, starter solenoid screws 
6495021105Washer, toothed. starter solenoid screws 
6592602205Nut, starter solenoid nuts 
6612732605Cable harness from solenoid to starter relay 
6798054320Screw, regulator securing to U-plate 
6895100121Washer, regulator securing screws 
6992602206Nut, regulator securing screws 
7091551053Insulating bush, regulator 
A93301175Clamp, on gearbox grounding cables