Parts for Police Additions And Changes I
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1013029840Leg protection, on rocker heads 
1113100240Tank, fuel 
1254103901Filler cap, fuel tank 
1398054530Screw, muffler securing 
1413123040Muffler, R/H 
1413122940Muffler, L/H 
1513607540Cable, throttle 
1613608340Cable, easy start 
1713607940Adaptor, carburetor cables 
1812807100Cover, adaptor front end 
1912807200Cover, adaptor, rear end 
2095790233Screw, cable adjusting 
2192700071Locknut, cable adjusting screw 
2213093046Cable, clutch 
2314741300Cap, rubber, clutch control switch 
2413250941Lever, gearshift 
2591111520Bushing, gearshift lever 
2694020060Greaser, gearshift lever 
2795100142Washer, lever fixing nut 
2895129250Washer, shakeproof, lever fixing nut 
2992630106Nut, gearshift lever 
3013251240Shaft, c/w starter pin lever 
3113257845Rod, c/w fork and nut 
3213257945Rod, bare 
3313258245Lever, quadrant control 
3413258240Lever, on shaft 
3598106021Screw, lever fixing 
3613257640Tie rod, complete 
3713257740Tie rod, bare 
3895740171Fork, tie rod 
3992700073Nut, adjusting on tie rod 
4095780265Pin, fork 
4195129110Washer, shakeproof, for pins 
4295500222Split pin, fork pins 
4395100173Washer tie rod 
4495500325Split pin, tie rod 
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