Parts for Police Additions And Changes Ii
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1113429540Bolt, engine to frame, front 
1213429640Bolt, engine to frame, rear 
1395100415Washer, engine to frame securing bolts 
1492700128Nut, engine to frame securing bolts 
1513418240Bracket, battery 
1613469441Radio carrier 
1798054314Screw, radio carrier 
1895021106Washer, radio carrier screws 
1992602206Nut, radio carrier screws 
2013432040Side stand 
2113432640Pedal, side stand 
2213432741Lug, side stand 
2395100311Washer, side stand fixing nut 
2492630110Nut,side stand to bracket 
2513433440Bracket, side stand 
2698054414Screw, bracket 
2795021108Washer, bracket screws 
2813450440Safety bar, front, L/H 
2913458240Safety bar, rear, R/H 
2913458840Safety bar, rear, L/H 
3092602210Nut, top, rear bars securing 
3195021110Washer, safety bar top securing nut 
3298054530Screw, bottom bars securing 
3313455140Bracket, footboard, R/H 
33/113455240Bracket, footboard, L/H 
33/291111416Bushing, L/H footboard bracket 
3413443440Footboard, with mat 
3513447040Mat, footboard 
3698107035Screw, footboard 
3792700073Nut, footboard securing screw 
3998054416Screw,rear seat securing screw 
4095021108Washer, spring toothed, for seat securing screw 
4113476025Tool box. R/H 
4213917525Decal, tool box 
4398106017Screw, long, tool box securing 
4498054312Screw, short, tool box securing 
4595100130Washer, tool box securing screws 
4692602206Nut, tool box securing screws 
4713437040Fender, rear 
4891551081Grommet, on rear fender 
4913436840Bracket, rear turn lights 
5098054312Screw, turn lights bracket 
5195000206Washer, turn light bracket screw 
5292602206Nut, turn light bracket screw 
5313485040Attachment, saddle bags 
5498054522Screw, top saddlebag attachment 
5595100311Washer, saddlebag attachment screw 
5692602210Nut, saddle bag attachment top screw 
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