Parts for Police Additions And Changes Iii
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1013751340Bracket, R/H side lamp and turn Iight unit 
1113751440Bracket, L/H side lamp and turn light unit 
1298054420Screw, bracket securing 
1398054440Screw, bracket securing to headlight 
1495000208Washer, bracket securing screws to headlight 
1592602208Nut, bracket securing screws to headlight 
1613506840Bracket, R/H, windshield 
1713506940Bracket, L/H, windshield 
1898053690Screw, turn light bracket to clamp 
1991131309Spacer, clamp to bottom yoke 
2095101430Washer, clamp securing screw to bottom yoke 
2113530140Steering damper unit 
2213531640Lug, bottom yoke to damper 
2398054425Screw, iug securing to bottom yoke 
2495000208Washer, flat, lug screw 
2595021100Washer, toothed, lug screw 
2613530240Steering damper 
2714530800Spacer, damper 
2895100142washer, steering damper 
2998052335Screw, damper securing 
3095021106Washer, steering damper and band screw 
3113531440Band, inner damper securing 
3213531040Band, outer, damper securing 
3390054316Screw, short, front band securing 
3490054320Screw, long, rear band securing 
3592602206Nut, rear damper fixing screw, rear, and bands to frame 
3612434325Front fender 
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