Parts for Police Additions And Changes Iv
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1113501541instrument panel 
1213764941Bracket, instrument panel 
1310744900Warning light, amber, neutral 
1410754900Glass, orange, neutral indicator 
1510744902Warning light, red oil pressure and generator charge 
1613744943Wamlng light, red, front headlamps and high beam 
1710754902Glass, red, front red lamps indicators, high beam, oil pressure 
1810744901Wamlng light, green, right and left turn lights 
1910754901Glass. right and turn lights indicator 
2012745760Cutout, courtesy light and coil disconnection 
2113745740Switch, rear ?ash lights, parking 
2290706076Washer, indicators (OR 2031) 
2310744910Bulb, indicators (12v-3w) 
2413502340Bracket, microphone 
2598052430Screw, microphone bracket 
2695000208Washer, microphone bracket screw 
2713625445Cable, front brake 
2813675440Spindle, rear brake pedal 
2912258201Lever, brake spindle 
3098106021Screw, rear brake pedal spindle 
3113677041Pedal, rear brake 
3243262180Rubber, rear brake pedal 
3394020060Greaser, rear brake pedal 
3495129250Washer, shakeproof, brake pedal 
3595100142Washer, brake pedal nut 
3692630106Nut, rear brake pedal 
3713675040Rod, rear brake, complete 
3813675140Rod, rear brake, bare 
3995740171Fork, rear brake rod 
4092700073Nut, rear brake rod 
4195780265Bolt, tie rod to lever 
4295129110Washer, tie rod bolt 
4395500222Split pin, tie rod bolt 
4413733145Grounding cable, starter solenoid 
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