Parts for Police Additions And Changes V
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1013105225Cover, battery, R/H 
1013705425Cover, battery, L/H 
1113917825Decal, battery cover 
1213736440Plate, switch holder 
1313735840Cap, protection 
1413741144Cable harness, main 
1513747241Cable, instrument panel to headlight 
1613147641Cable, switch to fuse 
1713747841Cable, terminal board to tail lamp 
1813748042Cable, front terminal to indicator light 
1913148140Cable, from courtesy light cutout 
2013748740Cable, grouding, rear blue light 
2113748840Cable, separate fuse to headlight terminal 
2213149340Cable, rear blue light to rear terminal 
2313749441Cable, battery to regulator 
2413748920Cable, two-pole, front stop cutout 
2513742540Fuse box 
2613742242Switch, turn light, red front light and radio ground 
2713741540Flasher unit, 12V 60W 
2813741640Plate, ?asher unit fixing 
2998054316Screw, flasher unit securing 
3095000206Washer, flasher unit securing screw 
3192602206Nut, flasher unit securing screw 
3213746940Casing, for cables from the ignition swltch 
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