Parts for Rear Wheel Hub Rear Brake Controls
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012630201Rear wheel, complete 
1112630500Rear wheel, c/w bearings 
1212610800Rim, rear wheel 
1312611501Spoke, rear wheel 
1412633000Hub, rear wheel 
1592700171Nut, rear wheel spindle 
1695100628Washer, rear wheel spindle 
1712533300Spindle, rear wheel 
1812634100Spacer, rear wheel spindle 
1912635201Cover, rear hub 
2012637400Shoe, rear brake, c/w linings and plate 
2112621400Lining. rear brake shoes 
2212638200Spring, rear brake shoes 
2312636201Pin, rear brake shoes 
2495100521Washer, rear brake shoes 
2592701149Nut, shoe pin 
2612636600Tie rod, rear hub cover 
2795021110Washer, rear hub cover rod 
2892602210Nut, rear hub cover rod 
2993110020Screw, tie rod securing to rear fork 
3098052550Screw, hub cover securing 
3112622500Cam, rear shoes control 
3212639601Lever, cam operating 
3398106022Screw, lever to cam 
3495730260Thumb screw, rear brake adjusting rod 
3595716368Roller, lever, on rear hub cover 
3695500222Split pin, tie rod to shoe pin 
3795100137Washer, tie rod to lever 
3812676001Tie rod, rear brake control 
3912675405Spindle, c/w lever 
4012677005Lever, rear brake control 
4198054425Screw, rear brake lever to spindle 
4212676505Lever, rear brake spindle 
4398052330Screw, lever to spindle 
4495021106Washer, lever securing screw 
4592602206Nut, lever securing screw to pin 
4690271014Circlip, pin retaining 
4792605008Nut, central body securing bolt 
4895101231Washer, central body bolt 
4998108038Bolt, central body securing 
5012633200Central body 
5212615200Housing, taper roller bearing 
5392246922Bearing, taper roller, hub 
5412615800Shim, hub adjusting, 1 mm 
5412615801Shim, hub adjusting, 1.1 mm 
5412615902Shim, hub adjusting, 1.2 mm 
5412615803Shim, hub adjusting, 1.3 mm 
5412615804Shim, hub adjusting, 1.4 mm 
5412615805Shim, hub adjusting, 1.5 mm 
5412515820Shim, hub adjusting, 2 mm 
5512634000Spacer, hub bearings 
5612616101Balance weight, rear wheel 15 gr. 
5612616102Balance weight, rear wheel 20 gr. 
5612616103Balance weight, rear wheel 30 gr. 
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