Parts for Starter Motor
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
A12730705Starter motor 
1012730510Coil field assy 
1112730511Screw, pole shoes securing 
1212730512Insulating strip 
1312730513Starting Ratchet Cover, c/w bush 
1412730514Bushing. ratchet cover 
1512730515Lever, operating 
1612730516Screw. starting ratchet cover 
1712730517Washer, insulating, operating lever 
1812730518Nut. operating lever 
2012730520Stop Ring, ratchet cover end 
2112730521Starting Ratchet Ass.y, c/w bushing 
2212730522Bush. starting ratchet assy 
2312730523End Cover, c/w bush 
2412730524Bush, end cover 
2512730525Brush Holder, complete 
2612730526Brush Set 
2712730527Spring brush 
2812730528Stay Rod, ratchet and end cover securing 
2912730529Flat Washer. stay screw 
3012730530Terminal Flange 
3112730531Screw, flange to brush holder 
3212730532Flat Washer, flange to brush holder screw 
3312730533Starter Solenoid, c/w parts n. 35-36-37-38 
3412730534Screw, cheese headed 
3512730535Shim. 0.5 mm. 1.019"") 
3512730536Shim, 1 mm. (.039"") 
3612730537Cap, starter solenoid 
3712730538Screw. cap securing 
3812730539Washer, cap securing screw 
4012730541Nut, hexagonal 
4112730542Set of items for armature 
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