Parts for Carburetor Control Cables Air Cleaner
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1013112402Carburetor, r/h 
1013112403Carburetor, l/h 
1112114401Air intake tube 
1212607500Throttle cable, handlebar to adaptor 
1312607900Adaptor, two-ways 
1412807100Cover, adaptor, near end 
1512807000Plunger, adaptor 
1612807200Cover, adaptor, far end 
1798108015Screw, adaptor securing 
1895101231Washer, adaptor screw 
1992602208Nut, adaptor screw 
2095790233Thumb screw, air and throttle cable 
2192700071Lock-nut, cable adjusting screw 
2212608300Cable, air, handlebar to adaptor 
2312117001Cable, air, carburetor to adaptor 
2412117501Cable, throttle, carburetor to adaptor 
2513937000Cap, protection, control cables 
2613932800Screw, mixture chamber cover 
26/113932900Washer, spring, air and gas screw 
2712937200Screw, air and throttle adjusting 
2812937300Nut, air and throttle cable screw 
2913935000Cover, mixing chamber 
3013937100Spring, throttle slide 
3113937500Throttle slide 
3213937700Taper needle, V type 
3355938585Stop dowel, tapoer needle 
3413937900Screw, air valve cap, securing 
3513937400Cover, air valve 
3613937600Spring, air valve 
3713937800Air valve 
3813933700Bolt, chamber fixing 
3913933900Washer, chamber fixing bolt 
39/113934400Body, float chamber 
39/213933400Gasket, float chamber 
4113933100Pin, float 
4213934800Needle, fuel closing 
4313935700Main jet 
4413938800Accelerator pump 
4613935900Pilot jet 
4713936000Air jet 
47/113936100Washer, air jet 
4813936600Screw, throttle slide adjusting 
4913936700Spring, throttle slide screw 
5013936200Screw, idling 
5113936300Spring, idling screw 
5213936800Nut, sleeve securing screw 
5313938600Screw, sleeve securing 
5413938700Ring, sleeve retainer 
5513938900Insulating bush 
5613934900Screw, cap securing 
5713934700Washer, adaptor screw 
5813934600Adaptor, fuel line 
5943934000Fuel filter 
6012113200Filter box 
6112113600Element, filter 
6212113401Cover, filter box 
6398024312Screw, filter box cover 
6495021106Washer, filter box cover screw 
6598054316Screw, bottom box securing 
6692602206Nut, top box securing 
6712114301Rubber sleeve 
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