Parts for Connecting Rods Crankshaft Piston Timing Gears
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1013747140Main cable assembly for starter button model 
1113747240Cable harness, instrument panel to headlight 
1213747640Cable harness, ignition switch to fuses, front to rear terminal block 
1313747840Cable harness, front terminal to righat and lefft front red lamps and to the right and left turn indicators 
1413748043Cable harness, front terminal to indicator lights 
1513748140Cable harness, courtesy light cutout to courtesy lamp 
1613748340Cables, turn indicator flasher unit to headlight terminal 
1713748440Cable harness, rear terminal to left rear amber lamp 
1813748540Cable harness, rear terminal to right rear amber lamp 
1913748640Cable, tail lamp flasher unit to front terminal 
2013743740Cable, grounding, rear blue lamps to frame 
2113748840Cable, separate fuse to headlight terminal 
2213749240Cable, panel switch for front amber lights to distibuting block 
2313749340Cable, rear blue lights to rear terminal 
2413749440Cable harness, battery + to starter motor, ignition switch and regulator 
2513742540Fuse box for horn 
2613743440Switch, front red lightsOn Left
2713747340Cable harness, turn indicator switch to front terminal and to terminal with fuses 
2813742240Switch, turn indicators 
2913748240Cable harness, turn indicator switch to front terminal and to terminal with fuses in the headlamp 
30137465405-connection terminal block 
31257465004-connection terminal block 
3212745760Switch, courtesy lights on right, rear flashing indicators on left 
3325741501Flasher unit (28W-12V), rear turn signals 
3412741550Flasher unit (40W-12V, rear ambler lamp 
3695021108Toothed washer 
3792602208Nut, flasher unit securing 
3813748920Two-core cable, front stop cutout 
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