Parts for Crankcase And Covers
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1196508066Bolt, short, gear box fixing 
1296508075Bolt, medium, gear box fixing 
1396508080Bolt, long, gear box fixing 
1495101231Washer, gear box and starter motor fixing bolts 
1592602208Nut, gear box fixing bolts 
1612011900Flange, c/w journal bearing, timing side 
1612011901Flange, c/w journal bearing, timing side (u/s .0078"") 
1612011902Flange, c/w journal bearing, timing side (u/s .015"") 
1612011903Flange, c/w journal bearing, timing side (u/s .023"") 
1612011904Flange, c/w journal bearing, timing side (u/s .031"") 
1798054425Bolt, flange to crankcase and timing cover 
1812012100Lock plate, flange to timing cover nuts 
1912012900Lock plate, flange securing nut 
2012011400Flange, c/w main bearing, flywheel side 
2012011401Flange, c/w main bearing, flywheel side (u/s .0078"") 
2012011402Flange, c/w main bearing, flywheel side (u/s .015"") 
2012011403Flange, c/w main bearing, flywheel side (u/s .023"") 
2012011404Flange, c/w main bearing, flywheel side (u/s .031"") 
2190405368Seal, on crankshaft, flywheel side 
2212011800Gasket, flange, flywheel side 
2312012800Lock plate, flywheel side bolt 
2412001400Timing cover 
2590403850Seal, timing cover 
2698106028Screw, short, timing cover 
2798106043Screw, long, timing cover 
2895100130Washer, timing cover and screws, generator belt cover and oil sump 
2912001200Gasket, timing cover 
3012001600Cover, belt 
3198106021Screw, belt cover 
3212018900Locating bush 
3398052475Bolt, starter motor retaining 
3412003500Oil sump 
3512003600Gasket, oil sump 
3612003701Plug, oil drain 
3790714195Washer, oil drain and filler plug 
3812004901Plug, oil filler 
3912012200Pin, main bearing to timing side flange 
4012011700Pin, main bearing to flywheel side flange 
4112019600Guard plate, oil sump 
4298052355Screw, guard plate securing 
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