Parts for Front Wheel Hub Brake Controls
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012610200Front wheel, complete 
1112610300Front wheel, bare, with bearings 
1212610800Rim, front wheel 
1312611501Spoke, front wheel, c/w nipples 
1412613200Hub, front wheel 
1592700171Nut, front wheel spindle 
1695100628Washer, front wheel spindle 
1712614100Spindle, front wheel 
1812620200Cover, rear hub 
1912620800Brake shoe, c/w linings 
2012621400Lining, brake shoe 
2212626300Rubber protection, cable end 
2312638100Spring, front brake shoe 
2412623200Pin, brake shoes 
2595100311Washer, brake shoe pins 
2692602210Nut, brake shoe pins 
2712622500Cam, front brake shoes 
27/113625420Cable, front brake 
2812625300Lever, cam, double action 
2912625000Lever, brake cam 
3098106022Bolt, lever to cams 
3112626600Tie rod, c/w forks for operating levers 
3212626700Tie rod 
3312626800Fork, tie rod 
3492602206Nut, adjusting, tie rods 
3595780265Pin, rod to operating lever 
3695500222Split pin, tie rod to control levers 
3795129110Washer, lever pin 
3812621500Hub cover, r/h 
3990403249Seal, hub 
4012615200Bush, bearing housing 
4192246922Bearing, roller 
4295100715Distance piece, bearings 
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