Parts for Gear Box And Cover
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012200200Gear box 
1112200801Cover, gear box 
1292201225Bearing, in gear box for clutch shaft 
1392256217Bearing, in gear box for main shaft 
1412200700Bottom plate, in gear box for layshaft 
1592201220Bearing, in gear box for layshaft and in box cover for main shaft 
1695512081Locating pin 
1812201100Gasket, gear box cover 
1992201120Bearing, in gear box cover for clutch shaft 
2092201222Bearing, in gear box for layshaft 
2190403547Seal, cover, layshaft 
2298052335Screw, gear box cover fixing 
2395100130Washer, gear box cover screws, selector cover, and contact breaker plate 
2512201400Cover, selector 
2612201500Gasket, selector cover 
2798106021Screw, short, cover securing 
2898106055Screw, long, cover securing 
2955237800Adjusting screw 
3092700122Nut, adjusting screw 
3195101430Washer, adjusting screw 
3212207200Neutral indicator unit, complete 
3312207700Washer, indicator unit 
3492608205Nut, indicator securing 
3595100056Washer, indicator nut 
3698054316Screw, indicator to gear box 
3712003701Plug, oil filler 
3890714195Gasket, oil filler plug 
3995980210Plug, level and drain 
39/112235300Plug, selector pawl drum 
4090714101Washer, oil level and dreain plug and selector pawl 
4194321063Spring, selector pawl 
4255234700Pawl, selector drum 
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