Parts for Rear Fork Rear Drive Box Drive Shaft Bevel Gear
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012540200Rear fork 
1198020535Screw, rear fork clamp 
1295100331Washer, clamp screw 
1312547800Cap nut, rear fork to frame 
1492720200Nut, fork spindle 
1612547000Spindle, rear fork support 
1790403040Seal, rear fork spindle 
1892249216Bearing, taper roller 
1996508045Bolt, drive box to swing arm 
2095021108Washer, drive box bolts 
2113350200Rear wheel drive, complete 
2212548000Gaiter, rubber 
2312548201Band, large, gaiter to drive box 
2412548401Band, small, gaiter to drive box 
2512328000Double joint, layshaft to drive shaft 
2612326300Drive shaft 
2712327700Sleeve, drive shaft to bevel drive 
2890271020Seal, drive shaft and bevel gears 
3092204228Bearing, ball, rear fork 
3112350300Rear drive box 
3212003701Oil filler plug, drive box 
3390714195Gasket, oil filler plug 
3495980210Plug, oil level and drain 
3590714101Washer, oil level and drain plug 
3693601026Lock ring, bevel gear retaining 
3795028025Washer, safety, lockring 
3892249225Bearing, taper roller in housing 
3912352400Housing, bearing 
4012352600Gasket, drive box to bearing housing 
40/190706490Seal, rear drive box 
4112352900Gasket, bearing housing to rear fork 
4212355100Distance piece, bearings 
4312355202Shim, spacer to bearing 
4312355203Shim, bevel gears spacers 
4412355301Spacer, bevel set 
4412355302Spacer, bevel set 
4412355303Spacer, bevel set 
4513354600Bevel gear set 
4698054425Bolt, flange to drive box 
4712352100Lock plate, flange fixing bolts 
4812350400Flange, drive box 
4912350700Gasket, flange to spacer and spacer to drive box 
5012355400Shim 0.8 mm. (.031"") 
5012535402Shim 0.9 mm. (.035"") 
5012355404Shim 1.0 mm. (.039"") 
5012355406Shim 1.1 mm. (.043"") 
5012355408Shim 1.2 mm. (.047"") 
5012355410Shim 1.3 mm. (.051"") 
5212356300Bolt, bevel gear to journal 
5312356400Lock plate, bevel gear bolts to journal bearing 
5492201070Bearing, ball 
5512351400Journal bearing 
5692254340Bearing, roller 
5712351100Ring, cage retaining 
5912351300Plate, bearing stop 
6098280614Screw, roller bearing stop plate 
6195004208Washer, flange securing screw 
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