Parts for Starter Motor
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
--12730700Starter motor, complete MT 40 H 
--12730701Starter motor, complete MT 40 HA 
1012730711Cover, Starting ratchet, MT 40 H 
1013730711Cover, Starting ratchet, MT 40 HA 
1125730712Adjusting washer (0.3 mm) 
1125730715Adjusting washer (0.5 mm) 
1212730713Cupped washer 
1325730715Flat washer 
1412730754Tension washer 
1512730717Lock ring 
1612730716Starting ratchet assembly 
1712730730Pin, lever 
1812730735Cotter pin, lever pin retaining 
1925730728Retaining block 
2012730721Casing with coil field assembly 
2325730744Toothed washer 
2612730746End cover, MT 40 H 
2613730746End cover, MT 40 HA 
2712730723Spring washer 
2812730715Securing nut 
2912730726Solenoid IE 13 DA (for starter MT 40 H) 
2913730726Solenoid IE 13 DB (for starter MT 40 HA) 
3012730749Screw, solenoid securing 
3112730751Starter ratchet cover bush 
3212730755Stud, ratchet cover 
3312730756Coil field assembly 
3412730772Insulating rubber 
3512730778Coil terminal 
3612730757Pole shoe 
3725730758Screw, pole shoe securing 
3825730771Brush older 
3912730747Brush MT 40 H 
3913730747Brush MT 40 HA 
4025730748Spring, brush 
4112730736Nut, coil terminal securing 
4212730760Spring washer 
4325730751End cover bush 
4412730764Flat washer, solenoid 
4512730763Spring washer, solenoid 
4612730740Nut, main terminal 
4712730765Screw, terminal 50 c 
4812730723Spring washer 
4912730750Cap for solenoid IE 13 DA (starter MT 40 H) 
4913730750Cap for solenoid IE 13 DB (starter MT 40 HA) 
5012730758Moveng contact 
5112730759Cupped washer 
5212730761Spring washer 
5313730779Rubber ring 
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