Parts for Changes For Lapd Usa Pg. 1
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
113117541Throttle control cable 
218093040Clutch control cable 
391181012Spacer, rear crashbar fixing screws 
495021110Toothed washer, spacer 
598054535Screw, rear crashbar 
617463540Right bracket, carrier-seat 
717463640Left bracket, carrier-seat 
817462340Plate, seat 
998054422Screw, plate securing 
1095004208Washer, plate and radio holder screws 
1192630108Lock nut, plate and radio holder securing 
1218468940Radio holder 
1317468840Spring support, radio holder 
1418100240Fuel tank (black/white strip) 
1518476240Right cover (black) 
1618474340Left cover (black) 
1718923340Decal group (white) 
1812781621Reflex reflector on front fender 
1910741640Plate, relfelx reflector securing 
2095100059Washer, reflex reflector 
2117434440Front fender (white) 
2217437040Rear fender (white) 
2441432100Spacer, seat 
2514444300Spring, washer 
2698054425Upper screw, seat securing 
2792602208Nut, upper screw seat securing 
2814105405Left fuel tap 
2993180070Cap, rear fender hole 
3017785040Right bracket, radio holder 
3117785340Left bracket, radio holder 
3318500750Stud bolt 
3498620445Screw, clamp 
3595004208Upper washer, screws 
3695021108Toothed washer 
3792602208Nut, screws 
3817506840Right bracket, windshield 
3917506940Left bracket, windshield 
4017751340Right bracket, red lights and flashers 
4117751440Left bracket, red lights and flashers 
4291181149Spacer, between plates 
4398052570Screw, bracket to headlight 
4495000210Washer, bracket securing screw 
4598054316Screw, bracket joining 
4695000206Washer, screws 
4792602206Nut, screw 
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