Parts for Frame Center Stand Side Stand Footrest Pivot Pillion Footrest Rear Fender
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1192602312Nut, engine to frame bolts 
1295100415Washer, engine to frame bolt 
1312429700Spacer, front 
1412429800Spacer, rear 
1512429600Belt, engine to frame 
1612418200Plate, battery support 
1798024412Screw, front plate, battery plate, crashbar to frame 
1898108017Screw, rear plate and battery plate 
1995101231Washer, front and rear battery plate screws 
2098110015Screw, plate fixing to frame 
2195100311Washer, front plate, center stand, and side stand bolt 
2212430300Center stand 
2392630110Nut, center and side stand ?xing bolts 
2440917800Decal, rear fender 
2599105134Bolt, center stand 
2612434000Spring, center and side stand return 
2712433000Buffer, rubber, center and side stand 
2812432000Slde stand 
2912432800Bolt, side stand 
3092602208Nut, spring securing dowel 
3195100225Washer, spring dowel 
3212434200Peg, spring retaining 
3395100483Washer, Inner, damper securing pin 
3412440200Pivot arm, footrest 
3512443200Rubber, footrest 
3692602210Nut, pillion footrest, front seat bolt, bottom handgrip, and shock absorbers 
3795021110Washer, pillion footrest nut, from seat bolt, and handgrip 
3895100337Washer, plain, piliion iootrests and bottom shock absorbers ?xing spindle 
3912442300Footrest, pillion 
4012450300Crashbar, R/H 
4112450400Crashbar, L/H 
4212550200Itear shock absorbers 
4312552300Spring, rear shock absorbers 
4412476000Tool box 
4512478500Thumb screw 
4798106017Screw, long, tool box securing 
4898024312Screw, short, tool box securing 
4995100130Washer, tool box screws 
5092602206Nut, tool box screws 
5112460500Seat, dual 
5212461600Buffer, dual seat 
5398110067Bolt, front seat securing 
5455551600Bushing, flexible, rear dampers 
5598108016Screw, rear seat securing 
5695021108Washer, rear seat securing screws and crashbars 
5712464320Handgrip, for raising machine on stand 
5891181015Distance piece handgrip 
5998020535Bolt, handgrip to seat 
6012468500Hand grip, second passenger 
6112468600Lug, pillion handgrip 
6212437000Rear fender 
6312555200Boss, damper attachment 
6492750101Nut, top, damper securing 
  Changes and Additions 
3955442300Footpeg, pillion rider 
3912442800Plate, footpeg securing 
3998052325Screw, footpeg securing 
3995100130Washer, footpeg securing screw 
3992602206Nut, footpeg securing screw 
3995021110Washer, handgrip 
3998054522Screw, Footpeg plate securing 
3955443385Rubber, footpeg 
3912416400Brace, front plate 
5112460502Dual seat 
6012437001Fender, rear 
6012781620Reflex reflector, rear fender 
6013918420Certification label, on frame 
6013918520Data label, on frame 
6045918570Rivet, label securing 
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