Parts for Generator
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
-12700200Generator DN 62 M, complete 
212700219End cover 
312700214Spring washer 
412700217Ball bearing 
512700216Grease retainer 
612700259Bearing retaining ring 
712700228Generator body c/w coils 
812700243Flat washer 
912700226Ball bearing 
1012700260Spring washer 
1112700239Brush holder assembly 
1225730739Spring washer 
1312700231Cover fixing nut 
1512700212Grease retainer 
1612700251Shim (0.1MM) 
1612700252Shim (0.2MM) 
1812700255Woodruff key 
1912700254Pulley with fan 
2012700256Spring washer 
2112700257Pulley securing nut 
2212700247Feed oil with square terminal 
2312700258Grounding cable connector 
2412700218Field coil with small terminal 
2512700249Pole shoe 
2612700248Pole shoe screw 
2712700227DF terminal screw 
2812700246Insulating block 
2912700241Flat washer 
3012730760Spring washer 
3112700236Terminal nut 
3212700224Locating dowel 
3312700244Insulating washer 
3412700242Flat washer 
3512730723Spring washer 
3612700746Terminal securing nut 
3712700245Terminal end nut 
3912700237Brush spring 
-12703801Regulator IR 50 BA, complete 
4012703802Screw for terminals D+/61 DF and DF and D-/31 
4112730723Spring washer 
4212703804Screw for DF terminal 
4312700735Toothed washer 
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