Parts for Handlebar And Controls
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012600100Handlebar, c/w control levers 
1112600300Handlebar, bend only 
1212605400Lever, front brake, complete 
1355605600Lever, front brake, bare 
1412601000Bracket, from lever adjustable 
1598326017Screw, front brake and clutch lever securing 
1695021106Washer, lever screws 
1792602406Nut, lever screws 
1895790237Cable, adjuster, front brake and clutch 
1993760072Thimble, cable adiusters 
2098620318Allen screw, lever to handlebar 
2112605500Lever, clutch, complete 
2255603500Lever, clutch, bare 
2312601900Bracket, adjustable 
2455603500Twist grip, throttle control 
2555603400Grip, handlebar, throttle, R/H 
2655603000Grip, L/H 
2712118000Lever, air control 
2899105100Screw, air lever to handlebar 
2912500200Clamp, handlebar 
3098024420Screw, clamp securing 
3195021108Washer, clamp screws 
3211500700Screw, top clamp securing 
  Changes and Additions 
1012600101Handlebar, c/w levers 
1212605401Lever, front brake, complete 
1298620330Screw, Allen, front cable lever to handlebar 
2098620318Screw, Allen, clutch lever to handlebar 
2899107014Screw, air lever securing 
2891180707Bush, air lever screw 
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