Parts for Ignition And Lighting
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1112700300Bracket, generator support 
1298024420Screw, generator bracket 
1395021108Washer, generator bracket, coil and horn screw 
1412700700Band, generator securing 
1595716280Pin, band, threaded 
1695716380Pin, band, plain 
1799105127Screw, generator hand 
1812700900Pin, band securing 
1995500222Cotter pin, band securing pin 
2012700600Cover, generator, R/H 
2112700605Cover, generator, L/H 
2298106009Bolt, generator cover and bottom number plate securing 
2395021106Washer, cover securing bolt 
2412703800Regulator (For generator DN 62 M) 
2512704100Bracket, regulator 
2698024422Screw, regulator bracket 
2795101231Washer, regulator and distributor brackets screws, and coil screws 
2892602208Nut, regulator bracket, coil and horn screws 
2912702500Bolt, generator 
3012715700Bracket, distributor 
3112715900Gasket, distributor bracket 
3298054425Screw, braket retaining 
3412716200Gear, distributor 
3595510318Pin, distributor gear ?xing 
3698106021Screw, distributor ?xing 
3795100137Washer, distributor screw 
3812716500Coil, ignition 
3998024412Screw, coil securing 
4012704200Gasket, battery support 
4112717800H.T. Lead, distributor to coil 
4212717600Cap, H.T. lead, coil end 
4345717600Cap, distributor to coil, spark plug leads, and oil pressure solenoid 
4412718300H.T. Lead, distributor to right spark plug 
4512717400Cap, spark plug 
4612718500H.T. Lead, distributor to lelt spark plug 
4755717000Spark plug, n. 225 Bosch-Marelli scale or equivalent 
4812719300L.T. Lead, distributor to coil 
4912730700Starter motor 
5112703000Cap large 
5212702900Cap, small 
5512705600Gasket, battery 
5712704600Bracket, battery holder 
5825705501Stud, battery securing 
5995100130Washer, battery stud and number plate fixing bolts 
6092602206Nut, battery studs and number plate bolts 
6112705200Cover, battery, R/H 
6212705400Cover, battery, L/H 
6312917800Decal, V-7 
6412433000Rubber pad 
6512706600Screw, cover locking 
6690280005Washer, cover locking screw . 
6712706800Rubber ring 
6891551081Rubber ring 
7099105129Bolt, horn 
7112735300Switch, lgnition key, 25 Amp. 
7290706250Gasket, lgnition key swltch 
7312735400Lock ring, ignition key switch 
7412735500lgnition key 
7512740520Headlight. c/w switch 
7612746020Light switch, on handlebar 
7712474920Number plate, c/w tail light 
7898106017Screw, top number plate securing 
7993450224Bulb, tail lamp 
8055749185Terminal block, 2 connections 
8155741100Stop cutout 
8298305017Screw, cutout securing 
8395100055Washer, cutout screws 
8492700050Nut, stop cutout screws 
8512747320Cable assy, headlight - switch 
8512747100Cable assy, main connections 
8512747200Cable assy, headlight to instrument panel 
8512747500Cable from stop lamp 
8512747700Cable regulator to ground 
8512747900Cable from battery (?) 
8512747420Cable, headlight, lnternal connections 
  Changes and Aditions 
4412718301Cable, H.T., distributor to R/H plug 
4512717450Cap, spark plug 
4612718501Cable, H.T., distributor to L/H plug 
6313917800Decal, on white battery covers (Ambassador V750) 
6313719801Decal, on black-red battery covers (Ambassador V750) 
7290706252Washer, ignition switch 
7612746020Light, switch, c/w cables 
7626734900Starter button 
7612734900Support plate, starting button 
7612735100Cap, button protection 
7695100130Washer, plate securing 
7692602206Nut, plate securing 
7690706163Rubber ring button starting 
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